bob rossOil paints are an extremely popular medium used on paintings, and have been used for centuries as the medium of choice for many artists. The Mona Lisa herself was painted using oil paints by the infamous Leonardo Da Vinci. All levels of artists use oils, from the beginner to the elite. Whether you paint for a hobby or as a profession, oils can provide you with the perfect medium that will accentuate detail, light and gleam on any painting.

Buying Oil Paints – Your Shopping Guide

One thing is absolutely certain – it is essential that you only buy oils that are of high quality. Failing to do so can compromise the art you are trying to create. There really are multitudes of paints and supplies that are available for the artist, whether amateur or professional. Here we will guide you though choosing and shopping for the best materials, as well as proper ways of using them.

You need to understand what is available to you at art supply stores – whether local or online. After you’ve come to understand what you need to purchase, you can then dabble in a variety of painting techniques to really make the most of your oils.

Quality Oil Paints From Bob Ross

The Bob Ross line of oil paints are of the highest quality. Especially for those who are rather experienced in oil painting, you’ll want to get your hands on Artists Grade oils.

Using Artists Grade Oils From Bob Ross

Those who paint for a living or simply want only the best quality paints will opt for Artists Grade oils. These paints are much more expensive than the Student Grade oils, but the quality is much more bright and impressive, and will last literally for hundreds of years. The most pure pigments of Bob Ross oils are available, and able to be used on any backdrop, whether it be canvas, board, or any other material you choose to paint on.

The colors of Artists Grade oils are categorized into a series, such as 1,2,3 and 4, or even A,B,C, and so forth. As the number or letter gets higher, so does the quality and the price tag. Despite the much higher price as opposed to Student Grade paint, Artists Grade oils will go a lot further, and will be a lot more rich in pigment. In this sense, the difference in price is much more comparable considering how much more you can get out of a tube of Artists Grade paint from Bob Ross in comparison to Student Grade paints.

Those who are serious about painting in oils and truly have a passion for this type of art and medium will see the cost of the oils they purchase as bob rossmore of a wise investment rather than an expensive price tag.

The Bob Ross Oil Painting System

The Bob Ross range of paints is very popular and unique, and has been used by serious artists for years. Bob Ross was an avid painter who starred in his own art instruction show entitled, “Joy of Painting”. On this show, he would show his audience how to paint and complete bright and vibrant landscapes with oils in that short half-hour.

From there, he coined the series of artists materials that is now available for purchase at hundreds of art materials retailers, such as

The Bob Ross line of artists materials includes all sorts of tools and paints, such as:

  • Paints
  • Frames
  • Brushes
  • Knives
  • Palettes
  • Easels
  • Canvases
  • Kits
  • Brush cleaning systems

Serious artists will benefit greatly from the use of Bob Ross paints considering their rich pigments and their thick consistency. Anyone will be able to tell the quality of these paints simply by picking up a tube and feeling how heavy it is. Dark colors tend to be very thick, and get continuously thinner as the colors get lighter. The purpose for this change in thickness is to allow the artist to complete a painting in one session without having to wait for the underlying darker colors to dry. After dark colors are used, the lighter colors used to accent and highlight will adhere to the darker colors.

bob rossBuying Oil Painting Sets

Purchasing oils in sets can help save some money as opposed to buying each item separately. These kits generally come with everything you need, including a palette, storage case for your paint, and other basic art supplies. Keep in mind, however, that you may not necessarily need or want some of the items contained within the kit. Just make sure that most of the supplies in the kit are items that you need, or else you may as well purchase individual items separately as you need them.

My Take

Every artist has his or her particular medium that they enjoy working with. For those who like working with oils, purchasing the best quality oil paints will make a difference on the outcome of your painting. Of course, if you are just starting out and learning, you probably won’t be creating any pieces that will initially be gallery-worthy. In these cases, using Student Grade oils is sufficient as you learn and develop your skills. For those who are creating artwork that needs to be displayed, using top notch oils such as those from the Bob Ross line are your best bet.

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